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Florence Sheriff’s Office announces ‘A Pie for Petey’ fundraiser

T.J. “Petey” Peterson will take five pies in the face on Saturday, July 29 to raise funds for the Florence DARE program. Tickets are now available for your chance to be one of the lucky five.
Sarah Giddings

Have you ever wanted to get back at the officer who stopped your for speeding when you were just trying to get to work on time? The Florence County Sheriff’s Office is giving five lucky people the opportunity to take out their frustrations by smashing a pie in the face of Deputy T.J. Peterson, known to associates as “Petey”.

As a fundraiser for the DARE program and the Deputy Sheriff’s Association, tickets will be on sale for your chance at this rare event. Tickets are $2 each, three for $5, or seven for $10. Larger donations will receive an arm’s stretch of tickets.