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Stevens Point race fan celebrates first anniversary of a new life at 48th Annual Labor Day Races

Jill Zagar

“Archie” Craig Hansen of Stevens Point went to the 48th Annual Labor Day Races in Crandon with a whole different mindset then the 47th Annual. It was the one-year anniversary of being brought back to life by some very caring souls, and he was returning to give thanks.

The 47th Labor Day Races began as any Labor Day Run of the past. Hansen had been attending for the past 48 years, including the first and second run in the Pitt’s Road days. He figures he has missed eight races in total. At 11 a.m. Sunday, his chair was in place near the ticket sales booth. He sat down in his usual spot to enjoy some good racing while his friend stepped off to the beverage stand. Hansen looked up and down the track – and that is the last he remembers. When his friend returned, Hansen was laid back in his chair looking at the sky. When his friend couldn’t get a response from Hansen, he called for help. Within seconds, help was there. Hansen was not breathing and had no pulse. He had virtually died. Without the quick thinking of the surrounding bystanders who immediately began CPR and the prompt delivery of the AED to the scene, Hansen would not have made it.

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