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Niagara City Council talks sewer plans

Bobbie Samme’

At its meeting on Dec. 20, the Niagara City Council discussed the cost sharing plan for the Highway 141 sewer design storm water plans.

“When it rains, the water must go somewhere, so storm water plans for the area from Vine to Pine Street where the utility work was performed over the last two years must be approved,” explained George Bousley, Niagara’s mayor. “Some of it will be the city’s responsibility, and it will depend on where the water is coming from.”

According to Bousley, plans were prepared with a format, and the preliminary plan is what the city council approved at its December meeting.

“This is being put together for when Highway 141 work begins in 2020,” said Bousley. “The Wisconsin Department of Transportation will design the storm water collection system for that purpose.”

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