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Forest County Executive Committee continues courthouse campus renovation project discussions

Richard D Ackley Jr.

The Forest County Executive Committee met Thursday February 1 to continue discussions on the proposed courthouse campus construction project. Members and citizens gathered in the county board room. Sara Guild, an outreach specialist from Congressman Sean Duffy’s Office, attended to gain a better understanding of the situation.

“I’m here not to talk but to listen and Forest County has some challenges, with much of the land in the county being forest land,” she said. “Wisconsin is one of the few states where (government) funding goes to the various municipalities within the county.”

Board Chairman Paul Millan also noted that the county currently is waiting on approximately $1 million dollars in outstanding taxes.

“Right now we don’t know who is delinquent for 2017. Somewhere around $500,000 is delinquent, but a huge influx came in right at the end of the year, but we’re waiting for the municipality to catch up,” said Bonnie Evans, Forest County Deputy Treasurer.

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