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Message to school board: Fire the superintendent or resign tonight

Dorothy Kegley

“If you don’t fire Superintendent Doug Kryder tonight then you should resign from the School Board right now,” said Bob Conn during the school board meeting Monday night. Conn was one of approximately 250 people that filled the auditorium March 12, calling for Dr. Kryder to be fired.  Conn was referring to the conflicting reports between Dr. Kryder and Andy Space. “If he lied to get somebody fired then he should be fired tonight.”

Tim Reeder, spokesman for the recently formed Citizens United for Education, said that the group had a petition calling for the school board to start proceedings to remove Dr. Kryder from his position. Reeder said that he wanted the documents and the grievances that the group compiled to be on the next board agenda. Some of the items included in the lack of confidence petition are inadequate safety of students and staff, the proposed $926,000 energy grant that currently has no funding in place to pay for it, lying to parents, teachers and school board, loss of students and staff, the forgiveness program and denying the sports teams the right to pray before a game.

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