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County looks to add assistant district attorney position

Dorothy Kegley

At the Forest County Sheriff and Justice Committee meeting July 2, County Board Chairman Tom Tallier told the board that the county needed a resolution to obtain an assistant district attorney. Tallier said the Wisconsin Counties Mutual Insurance Co. will lobby on behalf of the county and the cost to the county would be minimal. The resolution passed the full county board on June 19.

            Tallier asked Sheriff Dennee what happened to the vehicles taken by the district attorney on drug cases. Dennee explained that there have been few seizures lately because the dealers have changed how they operate. They now borrow cars from local people who are not aware of the illegal activities their vehicles have been involved with. Those vehicles are not normally seized through the courts because the owners claim they did not know their vehicles were being used to break the law.

For the full story see this week’s issue of the Forest Republican.