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Forest County Board of Supervisors reviewing plans for new courthouse complex

Jill Zagar

The county board has been exploring options for some time for a remodel of the Forest County’s Sheriff’s Department to allow a separation between dispatchers and the jail.

This plan has expanded to include investigations into modifications to the entire complex and structure, including some demolition work to the historical courthouse.

Appearing on the recent County Board of Supervisors and Joint Executive and Finance Committee agendas as ‘Samuels Group updates’ the three options that were presented to the Forest County Board on June 20 range in cost from $19.8 million to $25.8 million and add between 5,300 to 25,700 square feet of space, leaving 40,700 square feet of building “untouched (architecturally) existing”.

For the full story, see this week’s issue of The Forest Republican.