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Crandon World Cup part of the prestigious Red Bull Signature Series

For the 48th time, the “Super Bowl” of short course off-road racing returned to its iconic home at the Crandon International Raceway deep in Wisconsin’s Northwoods. Known as “The Big House,” Crandon International Raceway gives racers the opportunity to compete in front of nearly 55,000 rabid fans on a high-speed dirt track course to see who truly are the best off-road racers in the world.

Every sport has its own iconic “holy grail” location; places that have, over the years, become to represent more than just another venue for competition. For off-road truck racing, this place is the small town of Crandon, located 100 miles northwest of Green Bay. For the second year, Crandon hosted a non-denominational race open to any PRO-class competitor, known as the Crandon World Cup, which resulted in the richest, most action-packed day in the sport.

      World Record Crowd: The largest crowd in off-road short-course racing history, 54,408 fans, were on hand for a 2017 Crandon World Championship Off-Road Race(R) weekend that included the second annual Crandon World Cup.

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