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Forest County Executive Committee meets to address newspaper articles

Jill Zagar

The Forest County Executive Committee met Thursday, Dec. 21. The agenda included a discussion on Hometown Trolley and the courthouse remodel and/or rebuild project.

Jamie Anderson was available to update the board on the Hometown Trolley surveying process, as it relates to the Forest County Fairgrounds. According to Anderson, boundaries are surveyed and described. The next step will be to assure that everyone has a firm understanding where the boundaries are.  Anderson discovered that the Forest County Fair barn on the lower east corner of the corral is on Hometown Trolley’s property. According to Anderson, phase two will come towards the old highway shop.

The board then began discussion on agenda number six: Discussion to address false accusations in the papers and possible rebuttal. The Forest Republican was present. Jim Odekirk, who had written two letters to the editor, in two separate editions, addressing the county board and the courthouse project, in both the Forest Republican and the Pioneer Express, was present. Mike Monte, owner of the Pioneer Express was present.

For the full article, see this week’s issue of The Forest Republican.