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Weso promoted to 1st degree Black Belt

Zach Weso of Crandon was recently promoted to the rank of Cho Dan (First Degree Black Belt) at Strong Fitness Center.  Weso has trained in the art of Soo Bahk Do for the past five years.  The test evaluates the student in all aspects of the art starting with basic motions and forms moving on to sparring sequences, self-defense wrist grabs, and free sparring.  There is also an oral portion of the test, which evaluates the understanding of the history, tradition, and philosophy of Soo Bahk Do.  The test culminates with the challenge of board breaking.

Soo Bahk Do is a traditional Korean martial art based on techniques that are centuries old.  Weso is the first person in Wisconsin to achieve the rank of Cho Dan in the Soo Bahk Do style of martial arts.  “Zach has shown great determination and skill in preparation for his Dan test.  This is a major milestone for Zach in his training and a milestone for the studio,” said Ron Strong, Instructor.  Strong Soo Bahk Do Academy is located in the Strong Fitness Center in Crandon.  New students are being accepted, age 5 to adult.  For more information call or text (906) 250-0191 or go to